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Those who can see invisible, can do impossible. ™

Welcome to Dipesh Shah!

Those who can see invisible, can do impossible ™

The term mind power and the subconscious mind power are described in many different ways. In the psychosomatic sense mind power is labeled as ability to have emotions, imagination, memory, and will, and subconscious mind power is labeled as part of the normal individual's personality in which mental processes function without consciousness under normal waking conditions.

Our dream is to create the most dynamic students with talent of doing better than the best. We all know that every year JCI, ROTARY, LIONS or Likewise many social organizations come with seminar or workshops than also no consistency is observed due to that the grooming of the students is not done as per expectations. We found the solution of this problem with the personal database file of each student along with their SWOT analysis and Performance chart. We will have self assessment system for students as well as faculty. It will help us to provide better quality for the students.

Topics will cover :

  1. Positive Attitude Development
  2. Self realization
  3. Creativity activities and Development
  4. Vision Development (Dare to Dream)
  5. Goal Setting (Objective of Life)
  6. Team Work Exercises
  7. Leadership Development
  8. Effective Communication
  9. Training In Public Speaking (TIPS)
  10. Aptitude Test
  11. Value base education system
  12. Spirituality and science
  13. Patriotism
  14. Psychological Test with learning Styles
  15. Career Guidance work shop (With Parents)
  16. Get together with various competitions
  17. Tracking Camp

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