ashish soni 1st September, 2012

i cant be able to read as i try to read i get doiverted by sme or sme thing i a average student and i want to achive100%in 10 ssc board nd im the one whom u gacve speech on 25th august at west marredpally KENEDY VIDYA BHAVAN HIGH SCHOOL the speech was abourt CARRER COUNSELLING,..................i request u that pls can u help me out.....................................

Keyur T Naik 14th June, 2012

Sir, i here you at Tata hall Navasari. my daughter get 92.4% and get admission at AB School, i impress from your motivation programme.

Vikram Rajpurohit 7th June, 2012

I remember the words my relatives ground deeply into my mind starting when I was a little boy. Perhaps your knowns had similar words. They told me on many occasions, “Work hard and you’ll succeed.” It was as if endless hours of 20/7 days automatically correlated to vast wealth. After putting these words into practice for many years, it seems she was only half right. Really they should have said is, “Work hard and you’ll succeed; work smart and you don’t have to work so hard.” And to work smarter, you must continually upgrade your knowledge and skills. Thanks Sir...You r great .. If you think negatively about a situation, decide that you won’t give up even if the worst happens. Prove yourself to be a tough opponent. You are a winner. - Dipesh Shah

Prince 3rd March, 2012

Sir ajj apka presntation super tha ajj hum logo ne bhahut kuch sikha ap se thank u

Sanjay Gupta 19th January, 2012


Dr.Dharmesh Desai 29th October, 2011

Excellent work being done by you. To guide & motivate youth towards positive goal is need of time. Keep it up. Feel free to ask for any assistance.

manisha prajapati 25th October, 2011

Sir,,, its very imformative and motivating. The 7 P's of selection of career and the sentence "Suno subki par karo man ki "are really the lifetime source of motivation for us.... Sir, I miss CMI and your stories and when we all friends meet we recall all memories which we passed with CMI. and finally happy diwali and a prosperous new year to y and your family....

Roshni Patel 25th October, 2011

Its really good and very informative hope to attend this sessions in next visit to India

Kajal brahmbhatt 25th October, 2011

Thanks sir ane u too happy diwali ane happy new year. . . .

ankur patel 2nd October, 2011

i miss CMI.....

Dobariya vishal g 26th July, 2011

sir, your motivation seminar in amroli college was really good .

Rahul Tiwari 4th May, 2011

really you and your job is fantastic iam very impressed with all these your activities and your job. you are really a good career guide for the students who have eager to do any thing .i hats.............. you sir. and i expect that you will do same job in future for making better future of the students